What does Sponsorship include?

All annual sponsorship packages include recognition at every MIMA event, your logo in every MIMA communication to our members and across our digital properties, social mentions and shout-outs.

All summit-only sponsorship packages include recognition and your logo in every communication about MIMA Summit as well as at the summit itself.


Annual Membership Packages

Continuity with year-round coverage. Our partners connect with members at all points of contact. These conversations are in-synch and grow at each stage. Your message is succint and our members are listening. 


  • 150 floating Memberships
  • 4 Corporate Tables at MIMA Summit (seats 40; preferred placement)


  • 50 floating Memberships
  • 3 Corporate Tables at MIMA Summit (seats 30; preferred placement)


  • 20 floating Memberships
  • 2 Corporate Tables at MIMA Summit (seats 20; preferred placement)


  • 10 floating Memberships
  • 1 Corporate Tables at MIMA Summit (seats 10; preferred placement)


MIMA Summit Packages

"Don't be on the wrong side of history."
- Gary Vaynerchuk, Entrepreneur, Investor, Author and the 2010 MIMA Summit Keynote Speaker.

This is the largest digital conference in the Midwest. Over 1,000 attendees crowd the ballroom leaving no chair without a behind. Discover the impact here.

How often do you get the attention of over a thousand potential decision makers in your industry? It's not too common of an occurence.  Attendees arrive with the intention of leaving inspired, wanting to grow their business, and/or seeking a solution. The question conference go-ers want to know is will you be there? 

Keynote - (3)
This is the main event featuring world class speakers. Attendees flock to secure their seat to hear what these thought leaders have to say. It's not only about getting to introduce the keynote speaker but the opportunity to speak directly to your target audience. These are your peers and prospects. 

  • 10 Summit Passes
  • 10 VIP Exclusive Reception Passes
  • 1 Exhibitor Table

Happy Hour - (1)
Close out the conference with a bang! This is the after party and you will be the last impression on the attendees' mind.  Share your takeaways or insights on the future. The floor will be yours while enjoying music, food, and beverages

  • 10 Summit Passes
  • 10 VIP Exclusive Reception Passes
  • 1 Exhibitor Table

VIP Reception - (1) SOLD OUT! 
Help us kick off MIMA Summit in style by sponsoring our exclusive invite-only VIP Reception the night before, where digital leaders in the area will be gathering with our speakers, sponsors, and other thought leaders in the space. 

  • 8 Summit Passes
  • 8 VIP Exclusive Reception Passes
  • 1 Exhibitor Table 

Break - (1) - SOLD OUT!
You are the ecosystem for the conference. You help the attendees succeed. Be the hero while keeping everyone's energy high. 

  • 8 Summit Passes
  • 8 VIP Exclusive Reception Passes
  • 1 Exhibitor Table

Lanyard Sponsor -  (1) SOLD OUT! 
Introductions can't be made without a name. Every attendee will be wearing a lanyard with their name and affiliation. This is your chance to be seen by everyone while making connections. Be a part of their conversation.

  • 4 Summit Passes
  • 4 VIP Exclusive Reception Passes
  • 1 Exhibitor Table

Breakout Track - (4)
You're more than introducing the speakers, it's your opportunity to share the how to  advance the experience with your brand. 

  1. Data - Available
  2. Content - Available
  3. Design - SOLD OUT!
  4. Digital Mix - SOLD OUT!
  • 4 Summit Passes
  • 4 VIP Exclusive Reception Passes
  • 1 Exhibitor Table

Exhibitor Table - (11)
Be a part of the action!  You'll have an 8 foot wide area to showcase your product while interacting all day with attendees. Exhibitor tables are located just outside of the main hall where all attendees gather for breaks and socialize. Act fast!  Space is limited; placement is given priority by sign-up date and sponsorship level. 

  • 2 Summit Passes
  • 2 VIP Exclusive Reception Passes